Spotlight – October 2022

Gary Purcell is our Volunteer Spotlight this month! Gary has been a CASA volunteer for 7 years! He does an amazing job advocating for his CASA child.

Gary lives in Kokomo. He is a husband, father of 7 and granddad of 2. He says being a grandpa makes growing old worth it 😊

Gary shared that he became a CASA volunteer because “I wanted to serve the community. I wanted to help a child and be their voice. I wanted to get personally involved and do what I could to help.”

Gary said, “One of the most rewarding things about being a CASA volunteer is the bond you create with your kids. They know you’re there for them and they can reach out to you day or night. Sometimes they need help while going through something difficult but most of the time they just want to know they can call you and talk. What truly makes life special and worth living is the positive impact you can have on others. Giving financially is great but giving of your time can make an even great impact in someone’s life. Everyone needs someone, be that someone and make a difference that will last a lifetime!”

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